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Alex Kalugin, the founder of Living Color Media, came from a long line of artists. He first took up crayon and paper (or wall) as a toddler, and with his parent’s guidance and enthusiasm, plunged into fine art. As he grew, the tools changed but the creative spark remained. He continued drawing and refining his skills through elementary school and junior high, qualifying for the Art talent in the latter. In high school, he majored in Industrial Design, and for the first time realized that his artistic skills could actually have a practical use. At the end of high school, he qualified for the highly competitive Cooper Union Summer Outreach program. There, despite gaining many useful skills and it being a great overall experience, he found himself drifting away from fine art. He felt his artistic talents were better spent helping others through graphic design rather than promoting his own world view through fine art.

Alex then attended Hunter College and majored in Media studies, focusing on graphic design. There, he excelled and improved until he tutored fellow students in design techniques and principles, and took on paid extracurricular jobs from teachers and college clubs. After college, he continued freelancing and helped dozens of individuals and businesses spanning academia, the food service industry, the medical industry, tax industry, and others. He used his broad experience, not only in design and usability, but also with teaching and human psychology, to turn individual dreams into thriving businesses. He found new clients mainly through word of mouth, and his satisfied clients provided him with enough work to live as a freelancer for ten years. In 2015, he felt it was time to take his work to a higher level, so he created Living Color Media with the hope of helping many more businesses.

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