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Footcare 2 You

Arbuz (meaning Watermelon in Russian) is a frozen yogurt cafe in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. They had a comic strip drawn by a previous artist that they wanted to incorporate heavily into their materials. I turned the comic's title into the company logo, and extracted the anthropomorphic watermelon characters, turning them into company mascots. I was able to manipulate the character art to place the mascots in countless positions across all of their marketing materials. This was met with great adoration in the neighborhood, and Arbuz saw a spike in their customer base.

Please click each thumbnail to see the full piece.

1- A credit card style gift card.
2- One of numerous promotional flyers- this one detailing a partnership deal with Bally's Total Fitness.
3- The outside of the three fold menu, incorporating art from the original comic.
4- The inside of the menu.
5- One of the other promotional flyers.

6- A small menu and ad for an Arbuz stand at Luna Park.
7- The back of the Luna Park menu.
8- Concept art for the Luna Park stand.
9- Mock up of the home page of the site. The promo icons were updated every time a new promo flyer was made.
10- One of the earlier promotional flyers.

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