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Footcare 2 You

Footcare 2 You is a merged podiatric company located in New Jersey.They have spread their business across the state, with offices in four cities. I have created a logo based on the prior individual logos of both of their businesses, with a matching visual style, dozens of ads, and other promotional materials for them that have brought in many new patients.

Please click each thumbnail to see the full piece.

1- The logo for Foot Care 2 You. I incorporated elements from the two constituent companies to form this one.
2- A folder for promotional materials.
3- The letterhead design. Here, an introductory letter is printed on it, but the letterhead was used for all office documents and letters.
4- The outside of the business card for their marketing director. It is a half-fold card, and the same was made for both doctors as well.
5- The inside of the business card.

6- One of the many ads done for local magazines.
7- A poster ad designed for a bus stop.
8- An ad for a church newsletter, optimized for black and white printing.
9- Another ad for a local magazine.
10- Label for a promotional shoe horn, as well as a mock up of the finished product.

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