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Footcare 2 You

Over the years, I have done various personal projects in addition to client work. Based on personal interests and imaginary businesses, these works reflect different aspects of my skill sets than my client work.

Please click each thumbnail to see the full piece.

1- The logo for Drunken International, a hypothetical alcohol brewery, symbolizing myself and two people who may have been involved.
2- An alternate logo design.
3- A flag, illustrating unity in drink between the three nations of the founders of Drunken International.

1- Logo for BrainBox- a common sense consultant business, the idea for which started out as a joke.
2- Letterhead design.
3- Mock up of a website home page.
4- Mock up of a desk toy based on the BrainBox logo.
5- Business card design.

1- Logo for Green Lotus- an iced tea brewery.
2- Four of the many labels representing numerous different flavors and several different lines of teas.
3- Ad poster
4- Another ad poster, with bottle mock ups.

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