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Footcare 2 You

Tax Attack was a tax service that specialized in tax preperation for small businesses and sole proprieters. The original concept given to me by one of the owners was "Something based on 'Mars Attacks!'". The concept was later dropped in favor of something more serious and traditional that satisfied the owners and attracted clients.

Please click each thumbnail to see the full piece.

1- The logo for Tax Attack. The cilents wanted the initials T.A. with a sublte hint of "attack"- I decided a crossbow would be a good fit here.
2- The business card. The clients wanted something more simple, traditional, and serious than their first concept.
3- The clients' original logo concept- something based on "Mars Attacks!"
4- An early business card design. While the whole brand was remade, it was a design that i liked.
5- Another early card design that I felt came out well.

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