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Footcare 2 You

After the success of Arbuz in Brooklyn, the owners wanted to expand into Lower Manhattan. They created TreatPetite and wanted their brand to be reminiscent in color and design of Arbuz. Some work was done in this style before the decision was made to step away from Arbuz and make TreatPetite something more unique. I developed a second brand in a more neighborhood appropriate style.

Please click each thumbnail to see the full piece.

1- The logo for TreatPetite. The clients felt that kefir should be the focus, as it is an unusual product in the neighborhood.
2- A rejected logo design that I felt was stronger than the chosen logo.
3- One of the various promotional flyers designed for TreatPetite.
4- The back of the promotional flyer.
5- Several product posters have been designed to cover the walls of the cafe- this one is for Liege Waffles.

6- The initial logo design- much more reminiscent of Arbuz in style.
7- A promotional ad using a very popular russian cartoon character- Cheburashka.
8- A tea menu that stood at the counter.
9- The outside of the menu.
10- The inside of the menu.

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